Neato Initial fee is to start your service with Funai. What does the initial fee cover?

        1.        OEM Inspection

2.        OEM Diagnostics

3.        Cleaning Service

After your Neato is received we will be able to determine, if requires a Minor or Major service. We will contact you after the initial inspection has been performed and let you know what would be the next step.

Available Shipping options for Canada Neato Customers: customer shipping at the moment.
Once you select one Funai Service will contact you within 24-48 orders after confirming your order to provide you the next steps.

We will cover the shipping cost returning after the repair.

Funai does require the model number, serial number, and your symptom (service requirements) of your device. Click here (PDF file) ---->  instruction guide. Enter the information before you check out.

Funai Shipping Requirements Click here (PDF file) ---->  shipping guide check out before shipping.

If you have any trouble feel free to contact us at anytime.

Neato Models Supported:

Botvac Connected, Botvac D85, Botvac D80, Botvac D75, Botvac 85, Botvac 80, Botvac 75, Botvac 65, Botvac 70e, XV Signature Pro, XV Signature,  XV Essential, XV 21, XV 15, XV 14, XV 12, and XV 11.

Neato Initial Out of Warranty Diagnostic-Canada

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